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Basic Consultancy Agreement

Use a Basic Consultancy Agreement to ensure you cover the essential clauses necessary for a basic consultancy agreement.

Document: Basic Consultancy Agreement

Document code: CO2

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A Consultancy Service Agreement is a contract entered into between at least two parties, whereby one party (the Customer) hires the services of another party (the Consultant) to perform specific tasks on its behalf, or to provide advice and/or guidance in exchange for a specific fee.

There are various types of consultancy agreements. This agreement should be used in cases where the Customer wishes to hire the services of a specific Consultant (usually an individual), thereby regulating their professional relationship in terms of a consultancy services agreement. This agreement is in short format and therefore only the essential clauses necessary for a basic consultancy agreement have been included. Where the agreement between the parties is fairly complicated, a more comprehensive agreement is advisable (click here).

The Agreement contains the following clauses:

1. The Services
2. Duration
3. Time Devoted by Consultant
4. Place Where Services are to be Rendered
5. Remuneration and Payment
6. Independent contractor
7. Confidential Information
8. Signatories

The Basic Consultancy Agreement is available to download instantly in the following formats:

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Basic Consultancy Agreement

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